Nocera enters US land-based fish farming business

The company unveiled a purchase agreement to acquire 93 hectares of land to set up US land-based fish farms in Montgomery, Alabama.

Nocera enters US land-based fish farming business
September 20, 2022

Focused on manufacturing and operating land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), Nocera is in the process of obtaining up to 85% financing from local banking institutions to close by October 31 the acquisition of a 93-hectare parcel in Montgomery, Alabama to build a RAS fish farm

Priced at USD 865,000, the land comes with a house, a manufactured home, and a building site with sewer and power which the company will develop into an office and dormitory for Nocera's employees.

“This land acquisition in Alabama would be our first entry into the fish farming business in the United States. We anticipate that our technology and design in RAS will provide us with a substantial advantage. Being strategically located in the city of Montgomery, we will have access to a significant and skilled labor force along with a robust student population from the Montgomery area. With the price of fish hitting an all-time high, this land purchase will give us a considerable opportunity to become increasingly profitable. Our investment in Alabama is sustainable and green and we will be providing increased sustainable aquaculture in the United States and offering the American Family the best choice in seafood,” said Jeff Cheng, Nocera's CEO.

Operating in the design, development, and construction of large-scale RAS, the company also provides consulting, technology transfer, and project management services both for new and existing aquaculture companies.