NaturalShrimp to acquire aquaculture assets of Hydrenesis

The company will deploy Hydrenesis technology in its hatchery and nursery systems and expect to have major impacts in other farming segments. 

NaturalShrimp to acquire aquaculture assets of Hydrenesis
February 23, 2021

NaturalShrimp, Inc. signed a letter of intent to acquire the aquaculture assets of Hydrenesis Aquaculture, LLC for $12,500,000.

Gerald Easterling, CEO of NaturalShrimp, said that “NaturalShrimp has been working with Hydrenesis since 2018 on several solutions for the industry with the team at Hydrenesis. We currently have ongoing trials in Norway and Australia. The company intends to immediately begin deployment of the technology in our hatchery and nursery systems. We also believe that the Hydrenesis technology will have major impacts on disease control in salmon, barramundi and tilapia farming segments. We expect to file additional patents around the expansion of the application and use of the combined EC and Hydrenesis technology.”

David Antelo, CEO of Hydrenesis, said that “we are excited for the next evolution of our relationship with NaturalShrimp. We have been exploring the application of ‘Redox’ water treatment for several years. Our technologies’ ability to affect water chemistry and elevate water quality is proving to have a significant impact on growth and health metrics. Natural Shrimp's bold vision and rapid growth trajectory make them the ideal partner for extending commercialization of Hydrenesis technologies to additional species applications.”