JT electric acquires Sterner UK

The move will strengthen JT electric’s presence in the UK and Ireland aquaculture market.

JT electric acquires Sterner UK
November 12, 2020

JT electric acquired Scottish company, Sterner AquaTech UK Limited (Sterner UK). The move will strengthen JT electric’s presence in the UK aquaculture market.

Sterner UK is a well-established company, which has successfully served the needs of the UK’s aquaculture and fish farming industry for many years. Sterner UK’s main activities include the sale and servicing of specialist fish farming equipment and the provision of specialist aquaculture solutions to the industry’s top fish farms and aquaculture businesses.

Gregor Sutherland, managing director of Sterner UK, said that “Sterner UK is delighted to become part of that bigger organization. This move represents exciting opportunities for the business. Our goal has always been to provide great service to the UK and Ireland market and, with the merging of our companies, I’m confident we will be able to surpass the levels of service we have consistently delivered to our customers over the last 20 years. I’m also pleased to announce that, with this move, we hope to create more jobs in Scotland over the coming months.”

JT electric is a supplier of technical equipment to the aquaculture industry worldwide. The company has been active in the Scottish market for a number of years and has historically cooperated with Sterner UK regarding sales and services in Scotland.

“We are excited to get the skilled staff of Sterner UK into our team,” said Suni Justinussen, CEO at JT electric. “With our highly qualified staff in Scotland, Denmark, Poland and the Faroe Islands, we aim to give the best service to the customers in the UK and Ireland market and in the other markets where we operate. We are also pleased to get the management in Sterner UK on board as owners of the mother company, JT electric. This will strengthen our company in our worldwide operations.”

JT electric is a full-service technical supplier of equipment to the aquaculture industry. Their core products are feeding systems, pellet trackers, camera systems, underwater lights, feeding barges and high-quality cables. The industrial holding company, P/F Tjaldur, owns the shares in JT electric together with the management in JT electric and Sterner UK.