GLOBALG.A.P., Solidaridad join forces to strengthen global supply chains

The long-term partnership will begin by exploring cooperation across Europe and Asia, including aspects such as responsible farming, supply chain transparency, and capacity building.

GLOBALG.A.P., Solidaridad join forces to strengthen global supply chains
Courtesy of Solidaridad Asia. Solidaridad Executive Director Jeroen Douglas visit to the project area Madhya Pradesh.
July 6, 2022

GLOBALG.A.P. is joining forces with the Solidaridad Network, one of the world’s oldest global sustainability organizations, to develop programs and products that leverage the strengths of both groups in the face of increasing supply chain challenges around the world.

The long-term partnership will begin by exploring cooperation across Europe and Asia based on the core values and visions of both organizations, including aspects such as responsible farming, supply chain transparency, and capacity building.

The focus will be placed on developing partnerships among all relevant stakeholders in global agricultural supply chains, particularly in strengthening the role and participation of smallholder farms and their communities.  

Broadening sustainability horizons

While modern farm assurance solutions have played a major role in embedding sustainability in various agricultural sectors over the last two decades, integrating smallholder farming structures has remained a significant challenge. A focus on impacts, plus the rapid rise of new digital technologies, now represents opportunities for the sector.

GLOBALG.A.P. and Solidaridad have identified three main objectives they wish to address in their cooperation and joint development of solutions:

  • Increase the adoption of sustainability practices by producers – particularly smallholders.
  • Increase demand from stakeholders – particularly consumers – for products that are genuinely sustainable.
  • Increase the use of transparent and credible farm data to demonstrate progress in transforming agriculture toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“GLOBALG.A.P. and Solidaridad have a shared desire to work together for a future in which communities of farmers and workers enjoy prosperity, inclusion, and the ability to combat climate change. The partnership will deploy state-of-the-art digital technologies like Soli-Trace and offer inclusive and early access to knowledge and information while connecting consumers and retailers with the farmers contributing to the transparency in value chains. I am convinced that the partnership will lay the early foundation for the ethical use of data that promotes and supports the creation of an inclusive data ecosystem that gives a fair share and a fair voice to smallholder farmers,” stated Shatadru Chattopadhayay, managing director, Solidaridad Asia.

Supporting the smallholder story

The primary purpose of this collaboration is the shared interest in jointly addressing the three objectives. Through the partnership between GLOBALG.A.P. and Solidaridad, projects will be structured around four milestones:

  • Support smallholder farming communities by optimizing production systems, working conditions, and (eco)system services.
  • Jointly develop and implement inclusive solutions for sourcing, transparency and traceability, and a model that enables payments to smallholders for their sustainability activities, using shared value projects, conveying the story to consumers on the portal and GGN label, including those operating with Solidaridad’s Soli-Trace systems.
  • Develop new approaches regarding data-driven compliance models for assurance programs.
  • Jointly raise funds for identified projects from public and private sector entities.

GLOBALG.A.P. managing director, Kristian Moeller, commented that “both organizations have a very complementary approach to addressing a common target. By combining Solidaridad’s strong practical experience in developing and implementing innovative solutions in smallholder farming communities with our global market connections thanks to our responsible and transparent farm assurance solutions, we can benefit from tremendous synergies which can increase our impact in the underrepresented share of smallholder farms in sustainable supply chains from Asia. Together, we want to drive the transformation towards more environmental and socially sustainable and resilient smallholder communities, which cover 80% of farmland in Asia and provide more than 30% of the world’s food. One opportunity, in particular, is to onboard smallholder farmers onto our GGN label initiative and share their success stories via our GGN portal.”