FEAP honors Nancy Panteleimonitou

She was awarded the FEAP 2022 Award of Excellence in European Aquaculture as a pioneer in developing animal husbandry techniques and commercial hatchery know-how which formed the basis for the growth of many companies.

FEAP honors Nancy Panteleimonitou
June 14, 2022

The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) in its 54th Annual General Meeting in Budapest on June 10, announced its annual Award for Excellence in European Aquaculture. This award recognizes the exceptional contribution to the development of fish farming in Europe. Nominees are presented by the FEAP member associations and the decision is taken by the previous recipients of the award.  

The winner of this year’s award has been a pioneer of the industry, Nancy Panteleimonitou. She has dedicated over 35 years of her life to the Mediterranean aquaculture sector and was a pioneer in the development of the industry from a scientific, as well as a management perspective. Panteleimonitou has been the only female founder of an aquaculture company in the entire sector and the first woman to be CEO of an aquaculture company globally.  

Established in 1987, Galaxidi Marine Farm is the lifework of Nancy Panteleimonitou, who has dedicated her career to producing and exporting top-quality fresh fish to the world. Nancy, a well-respected figure among her peers, her colleagues and the people of the city of Galaxidi, Greece, is considered the first lady of aquaculture. In 1987, the Norwegian company Marine Farm ASA sought a partner for the production of Mediterranean species, and they understood that she was the best candidate they could hope for. She cofounded Galaxidi Marine Farms together with global industry pioneer Bjørn Myrseth and a team of scientists from the UK. She became the CEO of the new company.

Panteleimonitou and her team were instrumental in developing animal husbandry techniques and commercial hatchery know-how which formed the basis for the growth of many other companies in the industry. Under her leadership, Galaxidi Marine Farms has participated in or led hundreds of research and development programs, pioneering research into genetic selection, reproduction, on-growing animal husbandry techniques, nutrition and the development of new species. 

Nancy was also a founding member of the Federation of Greek Maricultures (FGM) and the first representative from Greece to the Medaqua Commission of the FEAP which she helped establish as a forum for seabass and seabream farmers. She has served on the boards of FGM as well as the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) for many years. 

Panteleimonitou’s passion and devotion to fish farming, have made Galaxidi Marine Farms an exceptional company. What is less known about her, principally because of her modesty, is that she has tirelessly and generously been a benefactor to her town of Galaxidi. Her passion for fish farming is matched by her passion for philanthropy, for helping those less fortunate. Her investment in the community was instrumental in reviving the town of Galaxidi and she is the largest employer in the region supporting local schools, hospitals and retirement homes and countless individuals. Apart from her success as a self-made entrepreneur, she is above and before all a mother figure to her extended family of colleagues, neighbors and employees.