CM Aqua names new director

The Danish water treatment supplier, recently acquired by Nofitech, is building teams worldwide and expanding its sales into solutions within the aquaculture sector.

CM Aqua names new director
June 25, 2020

Water treatment suppliers CM Aqua Technologies, located in Farum, in the northern part of Copenhagen, named Camilla Cetinkaya as the new director for the Danish section of CM Aqua.

CM Aqua faces the positive challenge of fast growth being the rapid success of the aquaculture business with salmon and the innovative team creating corrosion-resistant equipment to the solutions introduced in saltwater the main driving factors.

The company’s portfolio for RAS facilities include HEX drum filters, GALAXY protein skimmers, Oxywise oxygen generators and AL2 belt-filters. Recently the fully non-corrosive HEX version X was introduced with ground-breaking concepts never seen in drum filtration before.

“Having Camilla as the director in our office in Copenhagen will establish a platform for further growth. She surely knows how to handle a business and is exactly the person we need to develop our team in Denmark, with a focus on optimal service to our customers,” said Kurt Carlsen, CEO of CM Aqua.

“The updated organization will also shift the focus. We are building teams worldwide, having a substantial global presence. We are expanding our sales into solutions within the aquaculture sector, taking advantage of our experience and generate more value for our customers,” said Carlsen.

Having been in CM Aqua for the past four years, Camilla is looking forward to taking more responsibility in the daily work. “My motivation is to have happy customers, satisfied with our service and products. Obtain those success parameters with a dedicated team only, and I am here to do my part,” said Certinkaya.

The company was recently acquired by Nofitech.