Benchmark Genetics towards digital transformation

Bara Gunnlaugsdottir was named head of Digital Technologies to helpdrive the digital strategy and innovation programs of Benchmark Genetics.

Benchmark Genetics towards digital transformation
December 10, 2020

Sophisticated digital technology has made its way into the aquaculture industry. To stay at the forefront of this development, Benchmark Genetics named Bara Gunnlaugsdottir as head of Digital Technologies.

Gunnlaugsdottir will be driving the digital strategy and innovation programs of the business area, including the responsibility for all strategic management systems within production, quality and environment. As head of Digital Technologies, she will lead the development, implementation and maintenance of application systems and ensure that Benchmark Genetics is well prepared for the future.

Gunnlaugsdottir has a long work history in Benchmark, since joining the company’s Icelandic operation, StofnFiskur in 2004 as production manager. Before being appointed to the new position, Bara headed the division’s Strategic Business Systems since 2018.

“I am very excited to have been given the responsibility of bringing Benchmark Genetics further into the digital age. We are working on several great projects that will vastly improve our information management structure and give us real-time insights into our operational activities by combining our in-house development with IoT equipment and business intelligence tools,” said Gunnlaugsdottir.

A firm believer in sharing knowledge and experiences across the value chain, Gunnlaugsdottir considers the most successful way to ensure the best possible end-product is to collaborate closely with the company’s customers and partners on technology developments. “Our most advanced customers are already utilizing technologies such as blockchain and AI, and I am convinced that these technologies will play an important role in aquatic breeding looking forward,” added Gunnlaugsdottir.

“Innovation is in the heart of what we do. To be at the forefront in this area, we need to have digital systems that support and transform our business toward the future. I believe that Bara Gunnlaugsdottir is the right person for this role, based on her long experience from various managerial roles in the breeding business and her more recent role of heading the development and implementation of various strategic digital systems,” said Jan-Emil Johannessen, head of Benchmark Genetics.