Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod secures position as world's largest Murray cod producer

The Australian-based farm acquired a fully operational and staffed Murray cod hatchery and will become the world’s largest producer.

Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod secures position as world’s largest Murray cod producer
May 5, 2020

Australian-based farm Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod acquired a fully operational and staffed Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii) hatchery and property located in New South Wales, Australia

For managing director, Mat Ryan, acquiring Australia’s largest Murray cod hatchery ensures the company is able to continue to meet its increased capacity requirements and sustainability goals. “We’re currently expanding our clean farms to keep pace with domestic and global demand and the new hatchery ensures we can increase our fingerling production by a factor of approximately 2.5 times. At the same time, in line with our sustainability objectives, MCA will become the largest supplier of native fingerlings for restocking programs in NSW, Victoria and South Australia,” Ryan said.

Formerly known as Murray Darling Fisheries Pty Ltd (MDF), Aquna’s new hatchery is a long-established, reputable hatchery that has been supplying Murray cod, as well as Golden and Silver Perch fingerlings to local and export markets for over 22 years. The hatchery is located in Euberta, a farming community in the productive Riverina area of NSW, on a 75-acre property which is approximately 150 kilometers from Aquna’s existing hatchery site.

The acquisition means Aquna is now the world’s largest producer of the iconic Murray cod and between its two hatcheries, has released over 20 million fingerlings into the river system.