AquaMaof, Atacama Yellowtail sign for yellowtail kingfish RAS facility in Chile

The project will be located in Tongoy Bay and will produce 900 tons per year in the first stage, with production expected to double to reach 1,800 tons per year.

AquaMaof, Atacama Yellowtail sign for yellowtail kingfish RAS facility in Chile
February 23, 2022

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies Ltd. signed its first contract in Chile with Atacama Yellowtail SpA (AYT), for the production of yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi) in the Coquimbo Region. The signing is the result of the dedicated work and effort invested together by AquaMaof, AYT and Inno-Sea, AquaMaof's partner in Chile and Latin America.

With an initial investment of USD 25 million, the project will produce 900 tons per year of premium Seriola lalandi in the first stage and will be located in Tongoy Bay. It is planned to double production in the second stage to reach 1,800 tons per year. 

“We are honored to have signed this contract with AYT, and grateful for the great efforts of our local partner Inno-Sea in making it happen,” said Roberto Tishler, sales director of AquaMaof. “This project is strategically important for AquaMaof in Chile. We look forward to working with AYT to supply the most upscale markets with high-quality yellowtail kingfish. We consider this to be the next bluefin tuna, grown in a healthy and controlled environment, without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. The result is a healthy, nutritious and fresh source of seafood, produced in a sustainable way while safeguarding fish welfare throughout their lifecycle, and optimizing the human resources required to be involved in the processes.”

“Respect for the environment in the development of a sustainable fish farming facility are key values for AYT,” said Jorge Urrutia, general manager of AYT. “This first RAS facility for the cultivation of yellowtail kingfish is a major part of the company's vision to establish a sustainable commercial production of the highest-quality Yellowtail Kingfish. We strongly believe in and trust the AquaMaof RAS technology, which is integrated and operational in facilities around the world.”

AquaMaof and Inno-Sea are to participate in this project as shareholders. Construction of the facility is expected to begin during the second half of 2022, delivering the first harvests to the market in Q4 of 2024.