Aller Aqua's carbon footprint labeling verified for its fish feeds

The company is the world’s first fish feed company verified in CO2-labelling of its fish feed products for its three EU factories.

Aller Aqua’s carbon footprint labeling verified for its fish feeds
From left to right: Odyssefs Papagiannidis, LCA & EPD Consultant, Bureau Veritas, Mette Rindom Nørrelykke, Group Quality Manager, Aller Aqua Group, Mikael Ridstrøm Lauridsen, Purchaser, Aller Aqua Group, and Odysseas Negkas, Purchase Student Assistant, Aller Aqua Group.
August 27, 2021

Aller Aqua achieved the verification of CO2-labelling of fish feed at its European factories, being the world’s first fish feed company verified. The verification process was conducted by Bureau Veritas.

“It is a huge milestone for us to be the first company to be able to label our entire product portfolio by the recognized PEFCR (Product Environment Footprint Category Rules) principles Feed for food-producing animals,” the company said. “Each of the raw materials we use has been through the process and we therefore now have the necessary data to label our products. This means that we can offer customers a full carbon footprint declaration on each type of feed. This is a big step towards the carbon footprint declaration of fish produced by our customers, and all the way to the consumer. Aquaculture is already one of the most environmentally friendly ways of producing protein compared to other types of animal farming.”

The company aims to create full transparency for its customers and particularly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Aller Aqua has recently taken other measures such as replacing South American soy with regionally-produced soy in European factories.

“It has been important for us to be verified in this process, which is why we have asked Bureau Veritas to control our work,” the company said. Initially, the three European factories were included, but the company plans to include the rest of its seven factories in the process.