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World Aquaculture 2023 shaping up as a prominent international conference in Darwin, Australia

The conference will take place at Darwin Convention Centre, Northern Territory, Australia from May 29 to June 1, 2023.

December 6, 2022

Anticipation and energy are building for World Aquaculture 2023 in Darwin, Australia. The international conference is expected to attract thousands of delegates from across the globe, including important production areas in the Asia-Pacific region and from around Australia.

For the first time since 2014, Australia will host the annual event, this time at the Darwin Convention Center. Darwin is within easy travel reach from major aquaculture production regions in Asia producing around 89% of the world’s farmed seafood.

Technical sessions are planned to delve into foundational and emerging topics that strengthen aquaculture as a critical contributor to global food security. The WA23 conference theme, Supporting Strength in Aquaculture, comes at a significant time for the diverse international aquaculture sector. Farming plants and animals in water are what aquaculture is all about. This means factors such as a changing climate, extreme weather events, supply chain issues, advancing technology, and a dynamic market influenced by geopolitical events all provide challenges and opportunities for aquaculture.

The conference will consider these big-picture issues and approaches to strengthen different aquaculture systems. WA23 will showcase aquaculture for food production and applications for environmental benefit.

“We have sessions on regenerative aquaculture from using seaweed to clean water to the restoration of oysters reefs; sustainable aquafeed development and exploration of novel ingredients; protecting the health and biosecurity of aquatic animals; indigenous aquaculture; the Blue Economy; and supporting the mental health of the people that work in aquaculture, just to name a few,” said WA23 Conference chair and World Aquaculture Society president, associate professor Jennifer Blair.

“Demand for booths in the trade show has been high, in part because it will have been nine years since the last opportunity to demonstrate aquaculture equipment and services at an international conference in Australia, but also because of rapid advances in technology to share and the importance of face-to-face network connections for people attending,” the organization said.

The event will attract international and national industry representatives, scientists, sector analysts, government officials, educators, investors and policymakers to present, exchange ideas and strengthen aquaculture development.

World Aquaculture 2023 (WA23) is a four-day event from May 29 to June 1, 2023. Submission of abstracts for the technical stream and conference registration are open now. Delegates are encouraged to get in early to book travel and accommodation, as this is a popular time for tourists in Darwin with so much to see and do in the idyllic Northern Territory tropical dry season.

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