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World Aquaculture 2020 on track to be held in Singapore in December

As Singapore has begun reopening, the WA2020 organization is optimistic that the event will be held on December 14 - 18 as planned. 

World Aquaculture 2020 on track to be held in Singapore in December
June 25, 2020

World Aquaculture 2020 is still proceeding with the new dates of December 14 - 18, 2020. As Singapore has begun reopening, the organization is optimistic that the December dates will continue as planned. 

The Steering Committee is working to keep track of the developing guidelines and regulations from the Singapore government, international health organizations and other authorities. The organization will incorporate them to make a safe event such as:

  • Expand the floorplan in the exhibition hall creating wider aisles and create more space in the hall for the exhibitors and visitors.
  • Create social distance in all conference rooms.
  • Get social functions, lunches, business meetings, etc. organized with the Singapore rules.

These measures will be updated on the website as they develop. As an international platform, WA2020 will provide the needed space to:

  • Invite customers and business partners in Singapore during WA2020 creating extra business meeting rooms following the safety procedures, most will be five-six people board style and free of charge. Extra rooms up to 100 people theatre style can be prepared for exhibitors to organize meetings with staff and/or customers.
  • WA2020 will create a safe way to visit the exhibition following all safety procedures. The exhibition hall is very large and the used space can be easily expanded.
    • Three-meter aisles can be expanded.
    • Creating space between booths is possible.
    • Extra sanitary blocks can be opened – all following safety regulations.
    • Several food stalls will be opened with the highest safety procedures.
  • Organize project meetings, seminars and workshops during World Aquaculture 2020.
  • Safe transport within Singapore – all following strict regulations with metro or taxi.

There is still space in the conference program. Submit the abstract here. There are still some sponsorship opportunities – contact us on All registrations for the conference and exhibition are still valid.