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Real-time sensor wins Aqua Nor Innovation Award

Sensor Globe was the winner with a sensor that collects data on external factors that affect the fish throughout its life cycle.

August 29, 2023

Sensor Globe was the winner of this year’s Aqua Nor Innovation Award for their real-time sensor. The sensor collects data on external factors that affect the fish throughout its life cycle and will contribute to improving fish welfare in the fish farming industry.

A total of 29 applications were received for this year’s Innovation Award from all over the world.

“We feel quite grateful and humbled, we’ve worked very hard to get to this point. Working with some of the largest farmers in the industry and spending a lot of our time to build the product to where it is today,” Sensor Globe said.

The 2023 jury consists of Kari Lisbeth Fjørtoft from Hofseth International AS (former Møreforsking AS), Oddvar Staulen from Innovation Norway, Kjell Maroni from FHF og Jan Henrik Sandberg from The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association.

“The winning project is a real-time decision-making tool that has been developed to reduce mortality and revolutionize fish welfare during processing operations. Using Sensor Globe’s IoT (Internet of Things) Welfare platform, fish farmers can access key indicators and water quality parameters at all depths, which are critical to fish welfare. Sensor Globe’s sensor technology has superior accuracy using optical sensor technology in a new 95mm spherical design that makes the sensor the only solution on the market that can provide operational insight through deworming, transport, pipelines and pumps,” the jury said.

Sensor Globe’s welfare platform consists of a crowding sensor (Crowding Companion, CC-unit) which is able to capture oxygen, pH, temperature and physical acceleration/impact during crowding operations at multiple depths. A wireless multi-sensor (Sensor Globe) can follow the fish through de-lice and transport operations. These two sensor packages are the only solutions on the market that provide practical real-time insights and alerts, allowing fish farmers to make better and smarter decisions to reduce mortality, increase yields and improve current fish welfare.

Sensor Globe’s IoT platform differs from other sensor technology on the market, as the platform is used throughout the value chain. The areas of use are many. For hatchery/large smolt producers, quality assurance of pipe branches, during delivery and sorting is important. In the sea phase, the platform can follow the fish and the conditions they experience through de-worming, crowding, well boat, smolt transport and holding cages. Sensor Globe adds value at every stage of the salmon’s life cycle by collecting new and valuable data in the parts that have previously been considered blind spots.