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Post-smolts, sustainability and health and animal welfare at Patagonic RAS 2022

The new edition will be in person and online and will take place at RAS at Teatro del Lago, Chile on November 17, 2023.

November 7, 2022

BioMar will host the 2023 edition of Patagonic RAS at Teatro del Lago, Chile on November 17, 2023. Stakeholders will update their knowledge, talk and debate about the advances and challenges of aquaculture in RAS. The new edition will be in person and online and is supported by DSM, Hendrix Genetics, Aker BioMarine, Akva Group, SalmonChile and Keepex.

The specific program has been grouped into three main areas.

Under the Post-smolt area, a case study of a post-smolt production in Chile will be presented together with updates on topics, such as the effects of light intensity and temperature on early maturation of Salmo salar; the importance of bioreactor management; the speed of water as a fundamental factor of growth, robustness and well-being; and other fundamental topics for the robustness and smoltification of Atlantic salmon.

Sustainability, as the axis of BioMar's vision of the future and the driving force behind innovation and research for the responsible development of salmon farming in the world, has a specific space at the meeting. Why RAS are important for the ASC aquaculture standard; what business opportunities may exist for applied science based on sustainability; and the difficult path towards reducing water use in a green shift scenario to produce post-smolt salmon on land are among the topics that will be discussed.

In terms of Animal Health and Welfare, the presentations will address how to improve the performance of Atlantic salmon post-smolts through zinc supplementation; a review of the present and future of salmon genetics; challenges and possibilities of the microbiota in RAS; RAS and post-smolt health; performance, production and sustainability; and improving fish health, welfare and performance through optimal vitamin nutrition.

“We believe that high-tech aquaculture is decisive for the future of our sector. To promote it, we need to work as an industry in a united way, since rearing in RAS has many edges. At BioMar, we constantly contribute to the sustainable development of aquaculture and, from very early on, we have developed a portfolio of specific products for RAS. With Patagonic RAS, we are going further, confident that the meeting, the interaction, the dialogue and the cooperation allow us to continue contributing to aquaculture,” said Michael Adler, commercial manager of BioMar.

There are few places left to attend the event in person. Find out all the details and secure your ticket to Patagonic RAS 2022 here.