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Join Skretting Chile’s new series of FISH Great Talks

This year, the talks will feature experts from the companies that have supported this event for the past three years, DSM, Hendrix Genetics and Scale AQ.

Join Skretting Chile’s new series of FISH Great Talks
Photo caption: Rodrigo Sinn, Commercial & Marketing Manager, Skretting Chile.
March 30, 2021

Skretting’s FISH Great Talks project, which began three years ago, is a series of talks that addresses issues related to biotechnology, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, among others. After successfully closing the event last year, the company will continue with a new cycle, online and with a new twist.

The initiative has been supported by DSM, Hendrix Genetics and Scale AQ as sponsors since its inception and will deliver five new events, with the participation of experts from these companies associated with the project. 

The first event will be held on April 22 at 11:30 am with Ronald Barlow, general manager of Skretting Chile and Joost Matthijssen, Venturing director of Nutreco, who will discuss the importance of collaboration and the support that the company provides to startups that work with innovation to solve the challenges of aquaculture through an agile and disruptive perspective.

The new cycle of FISH Great Talks will be transmitted by streaming and will present a hybrid format, where the presenters will be linked from a live studio with invited speakers from different parts of the world. For the first time, talks will be an intermediate step between face-to-face and virtual, allowing a different type of closeness with connected attendees.

“This year we continue to bet on an event that allows industry players to think outside the box, reflecting on the main challenges and the new scenarios that we face in a world in constant movement and changes that push us to continue looking for innovative solutions, environmentally friendly and highly committed to all the actors in the production chain,” said Ronald Barlow, general manager of Skretting Chile, who also highlights the participation and collaborative work among all those involved. “We are proud to have the commitment and enthusiasm of important representatives of the aquaculture sector, international companies with a long history that are committed to innovation and collaboration to deliver knowledge and development to the local industry.”

“It is a great pride to have the opportunity to be again at FISH Great Talks. Today more than ever, we must create joint work networks and share knowledge and experience on relevant and future issues in this activity. In this sense, FISH Great Talks aims to allow everyone to access and participate in this objective. We invite all members of the salmon community, those who hold managerial, production and commercial positions, suppliers and all those who participate in this industry to meet and strengthen collaborative networks that allow us to grow and increase sustainability.”

The first FISH Great Talks will be:

  • April 22: Innovation and disruption: Startups Nutreco, Joost Matthijssen, Director Venturing Nutreco.
  • June 24: Genetic editing: Genetically modified fish/no GMO, Robbert Blonk, Director R&D, Hendrix Genetics.
  • August 26: Sustainability in the aquaculture industry, David Nickell, Global Sustainability President, DSM.

Photo caption: Rodrigo Sinn, Commercial & Marketing Manager, Skretting Chile.