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Join next Skretting’s FISH Great Talks on precision farming

The fourth session will take place on Ocotber 21 with a group of ScaleAq experts that will focus on the future needs of precision aquaculture from different points of view.

Join next Skretting’s FISH Great Talks on precision farming
Photo caption: Carlos Arenas,
October 7, 2021

The fourth session of Skretting’s FISH Great Talks will take place on October 21 with a group of ScaleAQ experts who will focus on the future needs of precision aquaculture from biological, technological and sustainability points of view.

ScaleAQ is a multinational leader in innovation and technology for aquaculture. The speakers will be Torstein Kristensen, head of biology;, Hanne Digre, director of sustainability;, Astrid Buran Holan, head of development closed aquaculture technology and Bård Skjelstad, chief technology officer of ScaleAQ global. The session will be moderated by Carlos Arenas, general manager of ScaleAQ Chile. 

“As a technology and digital transformation provider company, we want to dialogue with those actors who are important for the development of the industry, and what better way to do it together with Skretting. We want to look for common factors and continue promoting aquaculture, which is the second most important industry at the national level, and we see how it has been professionalizing and receiving new talents. The FISH Great Talks are an important place of knowledge transfer and also an introduction to the industry for those who have just been integrated at a professional level and even for those students who see their future in aquaculture in the southern region of Chile,” said Arenas. 

Rodrigo Sinn, commercial and marketing manager of Skretting Chile, called to continue strengthening the participation and collaborative work among all members of the aquaculture industry. “With FISH Great Talks we want to allow different actors of the national aquaculture industry to relate, raise doubts, demolish myths and find solutions to the challenges we face every day. At the fourth FISH Great Talks event of the year, together with the ScaleAQ team, we want to reflect on the importance of developing precision tools and methods for the industry, and reflect on the new scenario that we face as a constantly moving business.”

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Photo caption: Carlos Arenas,  general manager of ScaleAQ Chile.