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INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference unveils line-up of speakers

The conference is expected to gather over 250 top industry leaders around the globe and will also host a virtual exhibition with 40 booths available. 

INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference unveils line-up of speakers
April 5, 2022

Themed Recovery through resilience and innovation, INFOFISH World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exhibition will take place from June 8-10, 2022 and will be chaired by Jose Antonio Camposanto, executive president of National Chamber of Aquaculture Ecuador. 

“Throughout its history, the global shrimp industry has faced challenges of all kinds, from health and environmental-related challenges to logistical issues and financial crises. Despite all these difficulties, it is a highly competitive industry because its products are marketed worldwide. Today, the pandemic and other international phenomena, such as the performance of the economy and others like global warming, represent a new paradigm for the shrimp industry that must be approached with an open mind and enough creativity to transform these challenges into solutions that allows us to grow sustainably.”

The keynote speaker will be Audun Lem, deputy director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Division FAO HQ, Rome Italy. Lem will address the impact of both COVID-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine and the lessons these hold for the industry, in particular for future resilience. 

The line-up of speakers includes:

  • Robins McIntosh, Executive Vice President, C.P. Group
  • Willem van der Pijl, Senior Shrimp Industry Analyst
  • Hayfar H. Alsahtout, Adviser, National Fisheries Development Program
  • Daniel Gruenberg, Chairman & CSO, Aquavative Technologies
  • Morten Rye, Director, Benchmark genetics
  • Eran Hadas, CTO, ECOshrimp
  • Giva Kuppusamy, Founder & CEO, GK Aqua
  • Krishna R. Salin, Associate Professor, AIT
  • Francois Vervial, Co-Founder &COO, AquaEasy
  • Enric Enno Tamm, CEO & Co-Founder, ThisFish
  • Ben Belton, WorldFish Center
  • Brett Glencross, Technical Director, IFFO
  • Roy van Daatselaar, Global Improver Program Manager, ASC
  • Ernesto Julio Godelman, Founder & CEO, CeDePesca
  • Albert Tacon, Aquahana LLC.
  • Patrick Sorgeloos, University of Ghent
  • Andy Shinn, Senior Technical Support Manager (Disease Management), INVE Aquaculture
  • Steven Goh, Managing Director, DelstAsia
  • Craig Browdy, Director R&D, Zeigler Inc.
  • Melony Sellars, CEO & MD, Genics
  • Melanie Siggs, Director, Global Seafood Alliance
  • Alastair Smart, COO, Eachmile Technologies and SmartAqua
  • Flavio Corsin, Director of Partnerships, Aqua-Spark
  • Dylan Howell, Global Market & Industry Expert, Hatch Blue
  • Suchitra Upare, Coordinator, CAFI-SSF, FAO

The conference is expected to gather over 250 top industry leaders including representatives from leading multinational companies, shrimp buyers and sellers, equipment manufacturers and supplies, policymakers and planners, experts, media professionals, etc. around the globe. Moreover, a virtual exhibition will be taking place concurrently with 40 booths available of which 20 are already booked. 

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