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FAI launches tilapia nutrition and welfare course

The courses aim to enable hatcheries, farmers, and processors to make informed decisions about tilapia welfare and nutrition to improve growth, health, performance and profitability.

March 14, 2023

FAI Farms (FAI) unveiled two free online courses in English and Portuguese on tilapia nutrition and welfare for hatcheries, farmers, and processors.

“The goal of these courses is to enable the people who care for the fish every day, to make informed decisions about tilapia welfare and nutrition that will improve growth, health, performance and profitability,” said Øistein Thorsen, CEO of FAI, at the Boston Seafood Show.

The first course on Tilapia Welfare Indicators is available in English and Portuguese. The second course on Tilapia Nutrition and Welfare is available in English. These modules are part of a series of courses focused on the basic principles of how to assess the nutritional, environmental, health, and behavioral needs of tilapia. The course also gives practical tips on which feed to buy, the feeding routines, husbandry, and how to use the Nutrition Welfare Indicators.

“This training course is attractive and pleasant and makes complex issues simple and easy to understand,” said Hasim Djamil DVM, a veterinarian for Regal Springs Indonesia.

After completing each module, learners have the option to do a final quiz and get a free certificate of completion.

“The Tilapia Nutrition and Welfare courses were created by welfare practitioners alongside farmers. It is interactive, easy to access, and free to use. We hope that this will facilitate large-scale adoption of the training within the industry,” said Sara Barrento, E-Learning and Aquaculture Program manager at FAI.

To learn more, and to sign-up to take the course, visit the FAI Academy website.