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Xylem, Evoqua merge creates world’s largest water technology company

The combination of two powerhouses in water technology created the world’s most advanced platform of capabilities to address customers’ and communities’ critical water challenges.

December 13, 2023

Xylem completed its acquisition of Evoqua in May 2023 in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $7.5 billion. The combination of two powerhouses in water technology created the world’s most advanced platform of capabilities to address customers’ and communities’ critical water challenges.

“Together, Xylem + Evoqua became the world’s largest pure-play water technology company with more than 22,000 employees globally. This means we have an unmatched portfolio of innovative solutions, services and expertise which make a real difference to customers,” James Leigh, head of business development, told Hatchery Feed & Management. “Our powerful partnership delivers the most advanced combined portfolio of solutions in the industry, with certified technologies for clean water and wastewater processes, global sales and aftermarket support.”

The companies will continue to operate across all markets that Xylem and Evoqua operate in as separate entities. This covers all sectors of industry, from aquaculture to food and beverage production, energy, pharmaceutical, marine and everything in between, as well as municipal water treatment. “We see growth potential across the board following the acquisition, as our combined strengths and resources enable us to expand our reach further and identify growth markets on a wider scale,” Leigh said.

Aquaculture, still a core business

Fish farming is a fast-growing global market and Xylem + Evoqua operates worldwide to support the sector. The company sees growth in many areas, especially in Latin America, the Nordics and China.

“We have comprehensive knowledge of specific types of fish-related pathogens and how to counteract them. Furthermore, for new fish-based pathogens, we have access to resources and test facilities in the EU, US and Asia. This enables us to work with our customers to put in place pilot plans to mitigate the risk to our customers and, more importantly, the fish produce that is key to the whole operation,” Leigh said.

For aquaculture farms, UV and ozone technology are two highly effective, sustainable, and in-demand disinfection methods. “One of the great benefits of UV systems, such as Evoqua’s ATG™ UV branded Wafer™ system, is their sustainability credentials. They are low energy, and the high-quality lamps have a long operational life, minimizing replacement costs. And, with large-scale fish farming increasing, UV technology’s ability to disinfect water in one cycle provides advantages for efficiency by increasing throughput,” Leigh said. “When UV is combined with ozone technology, such as the Evoqua Pacific Ozone™ generator systems, an aquaculture disinfection system can be strengthened further,” Leigh said.

“Performance and wider operational and sustainability benefits make ozone and UV superior disinfection solutions. They’re not only effective at removing pathogens and parasites but also reduce water usage by increasing recirculation rates, support farming growth levels and are chemical-free and safe for the environment and operators. More importantly though, using industry-leading technology systems will reduce operating costs, minimize maintenance requirements and support ongoing sustainability initiatives,” Leigh said.

“Our solutions have sustainability at the center. Our product ranges support a positive impact on the environment, whether this is lower energy consumption on UV systems or reduced water consumption on filtration systems. We strive to ensure aquaculture is a viable long-term food source with animal health and well-being central to treatment and pumping solutions,” Leigh said.

As a result of the acquisition, Xylem + Evoqua is benefitting from access to a wider portfolio of technologies, solutions, and expertise. But more importantly, this benefits customers. “Through working together, Xylem + Evoqua has more resources to put an even greater focus on customers’ problems and the most effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions. Customers have confidence in knowing that by working with the largest player in the market, with an unmatched portfolio, they are getting the very best solution, with one point of contact,” Leigh concluded.