Siemens technology for Europe's largest RAS farm

Quality Salmon partnered with Siemens to develop and supply digital technology for its 100,000-ton salmon RAS farm in Sotenäs, Sweden.

Siemens technology for Europe’s largest RAS farm
June 29, 2020

Quality Salmon AB signed a letter of intent with Siemens AB to develop and deliver the future-based digital technology that will be used at Europe's largest RAS salmon facility located in Sotenäs municipality, Sweden.

Mikael Kraft, head of factory automation and digitalization at Siemens AB, said that “it is a new investment with great growth potential from both an environmental and market perspective. The aquaculture industry is growing and changing which requires the development and deployment of new solutions. We, at Siemens, will be able to provide digital solutions and we are proud to be part of this.”

Roy W. Høiås, CEO of Lighthouse Finance A/S and co-owner of Quality Salmon, said that “it is very satisfactory to sign a letter of intent with Siemens, which has a competence from which the establishment and the industrial park will benefit from. We are very pleased with and impressed by, the commitment and work that Siemens has put in to bring this partnership into port. We are now facing the next phase with great humility and we look forward to presenting the other partners of the industrial park on an ongoing basis over the next two months.”