Nofitech Holding acquires water treatment suppliers for RAS

CM Aqua and Ratz Aqua were acquired by Nofitech Holding AS and look forward to applying their technology to more species than salmon.

Nofitech Holding acquires water treatment suppliers for RAS
June 4, 2020

Water treatment suppliers CM Aqua and Ratz Aqua were acquired by Nofitech Holding AS. Part of the transaction is paid by shares in Nofitech Holding AS, so that the four owners of CM/Ratz become shareholders in Nofitech Holding AS.

CM Aqua and Ratz have been co-operating for several years with production at Ratz’ factory in Remscheid, near Düsseldorf in Germany. The main products for RAS facilities are HEX drum filters, GALAXY protein skimmers, Oxywise oxygen generators and AL2 belt-filters for sludge systems. CM Aqua, located in Farum, Denmark, is handling sales, service and support with technical teams in Denmark and Ukraine. CM/Ratz has delivered more than 600 HEX filters to RAS plants, aquariums and pools around the world, as well as equipment to de-licing barges and water treatment systems to well-boats.

Managing directors, Kurt Carlsen (CM Aqua) and Andre Pechura (Ratz), are delighted with this merger which gives CM and Ratz financial strength to take on even bigger projects globally, and access to Nofitech’s R&D competence. Nofitech’s ModulRAS facilities have been designed from the beginning for both seawater and freshwater usage and have HEX filters installed in all units. Robert Hundstad, CEO of Nofitech, said that “we look forward to co-operating more closely with the new sister companies and together improve the product range to include other cost-efficient solutions and pre-manufactured modular sections.”

“CM and Ratz market and sell their products to more species than the only salmon and this should open further opportunities for Nofitech’s ModulRAS,” said Asbjørn Reinkind, chairman of Nofitech Holding. The companies will operate independently and CM/Ratz will continue to serve other RAS suppliers.