aquaManager partners with Spring Genetics to supply hatchery software

Spring Genetics will implement aquaManager’s Hatchery module, supporting them in the production of high-performing tilapia broodstock and sex-reversed fingerlings.

aquaManager partners with Spring Genetics to supply hatchery software
Spring Genetics facilities in Florida, USA
August 17, 2021

The Athens-based software company, aquaManager, partnered with Spring Genetics, part of Benchmark Genetics, to implement aquaManager’s hatchery module to produce high-performing tilapia broodstock and sex-reversed fingerlings. The module has been specifically designed for companies producing fish fingerlings or eggs, for commercial use or their own grow-out operations.

Spring Genetics’ production process requires complete traceability and adopting the aquaManager software will allow the company to seamlessly provide this to their customers. Furthermore, the technology will allow Spring Genetics to optimize its production performance, control costs and significantly enhance its efficiency. Having always focused on sustainability, adopting aquaManager will allow them to further insure it while maximizing the overall welfare of fish.

The Hatchery module is part of aquaManager’s wider strategy of developing a more intelligent production process. As one of the leading providers of IT technology to the aquaculture industry, aquaManager is already working in over 60 countries across Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia, and its innovative systems are utilized by the government agencies, research organizations and businesses alike.

Konstantinos Bovolis, product manager of the software suite said, “we are pleased to announce this new partnership with Benchmark Genetics and Spring Genetics. Our software will help Spring Genetics enhance their efficiency, reduce costs and improve their production, but also allow us to further increase our presence in the hatchery sector of tilapia and other warm-water species while our software already plays an important role in the commercial grow-out production. Our solutions aim at accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.”