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Hatchery Assistant Manager/Technician - Canada

May 12, 2021 — Atlantic Aqua Farms will be hiring 2-3 positions within the next six months to staff its new shellfish hatchery, including hatchery technicians and an assistant hatchery manager.

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Assistant Hatchery Manager - USA

Apr 20, 2021 — Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute is looking for an assistant hatchery manager to manage and coordinate all aspects of personnel management and fish husbandry at the hatchery leading to an efficient rearing program. 

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Global Strategy Manager - Remote

Apr 19, 2021 — Aquaculture equipment company is seeking an aquaculture market manager to manage the global aquaculture strategy of its nanobubble injection technology.

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Technician Oyster Hatchery - Germany

Apr 13, 2021 — The Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) is looking for an aquaculture technician with experience in oyster/shellfish farming.

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Shrimp Hatchery Technicians and Supervisors - USA

Mar 30, 2021 — Hendrix Genetics is looking for shrimp technicians and supervisors for its Kona Bay company in Hawaii. 

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Laboratory Scientist Aquaculture Genetics - UK

Mar 16, 2021 — Xelect Ltd is seeking a laboratory scientist to be responsible for performing laboratory procedures in accordance with routine protocols and standard operating procedures. 

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Senior Fish Health Manager - Brunei

Mar 8, 2021 — UVAXX is looking for a senior fish health manager to spearhead the development of the company's business in Brunei, set up a diagnostic lab and provide services to the local and regional market. 

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Hatchery Technician - UK

Feb 23, 2021 — Mowi’s lumpfish hatchery, Ocean Matters, is looking for a hatchery technician to deliver on all aspects of hatchery work to keep the team on track and performing well. 

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Aquaculture Consultant - Mexico

Feb 23, 2021 — Striped bass farm is looking for an aquaculture consultant to implement optimal procedures in all hatchery stages.

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Fish Health Manager Salmon - Norway

Feb 11, 2021 — Benchmark Genetics is looking for a fish health manager to hold the global responsibility for the health and biosecurity in the salmon breeding programs.

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Technical Sales Manager - China

Feb 10, 2021 — ADM is looking for a technical sales manager to lead the sales force for aquaculture hatchery nutrition in China.

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Health and Environment Scientist - Thailand/Belgium

Jan 28, 2021 — INVE Aquaculture is looking for a scientist to become part of its innovation team.

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Hatchery Manager - Canada

Jan 26, 2021 — Cold Ocean Salmon, a division of Cooke Aquaculture, is looking for lumpfish hatchery manager to join the company’s freshwater management team located in Belleoram, Newfoundland.

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Hatchery Technician - Canada

Jan 14, 2021 — Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd., a division of Cooke Aquaculture Inc., is looking for a hatchery technician to join Buckman’s Creek Hatchery.

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Breeding Program Technician - Ecuador

Jan 13, 2021 — Hendrix Genetics is looking for a breeding program technician for its shrimp breeding operation in Ecuador. 

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Technical Consultant Aquaculture - Vietnam

Jan 12, 2021 — Elanco is looking for a technical consultant to support key account shrimp hatcheries. 

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Scholarships for women from Southeast Asia

Jan 11, 2021 — The British Council launched a scholarship program in partnership with the University of Stirling aimed at benefiting women from Southeast Asia. 

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RAS Technicians & Seniors - UK

Jan 5, 2021 — Scottish Sea Farms is looking for talented people to join its state-of-the-art freshwater hatchery. 

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Research Geneticist - USA

Jan 5, 2021 — The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is looking for a research geneticist to join the National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center in Kingston, Rhode Island. 

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Chief Technology Officer - Switzerland

Jan 5, 2021 — Swiss Blue Salmon company is looking for an experienced chief technology officer to build a RAS salmon farm to sustainably raise Atlantic salmon from egg to harvest size for the local market.

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