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Microalgae strain catalogue

The University of Manchester has compiled a microalgae strain catalogue containing information on a large variety of strains. The catalog includes a wealth of material on strain cultivation, composition, and characteristics.

The catalog provides collated information on the cultivation characteristics and chemical composition of selected microalgae species. Each entry summarizes the characteristics of a different species, with details taken from one or more strains of that species which are present in a publicly accessible culture collection. As much detailabout the cultivation procedures of the strains has been described so that the chemical composition characteristics might be reproducible. However, it must be noted, that strain properties can vary based on different environmental parameters and even between different locations where conditions are considered identical. Moreover, originally identical strains (from the same original source) can adapt their characteristics over time, therefore some caution must be taken when interpreting information assigned to a particular named strain.

Check the catalogue here.

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