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Luminis Water Technologies introduces microbiome sampling kits for early disease detection

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Luminis Water Technologies is launching a range of NextGen microbiome sampling kits designed for easy sample collection, followed by AI-driven metagenomic analysis. The kits can take fresh and seawater samples and identify all pathogens, parasites, and viruses, both known and unknown. The kits can also provide insight into algae. 

The benefits of microbiome analytics are far-reaching and numerous, including the ability to diagnose mystery ailments, spot signs of disease early, ensure better water body planning, provide visibility into the full microbiome panel, and achieve optimized inputs. 

The microbiome forms the foundation of health in any aquatic environment. Understanding what you have or don’t have in your water gives you an edge on both productivity and yield. 

aquaGENius is the ultimate tool for tracking water health. aquaGENius metagenomic water sampling kits help you pinpoint problem areas that decimate stock and drive up costs, saving you time and money spent needlessly on troubleshooting.

eDNA-GENius takes parasite detection to a new level. Protozoa, leeches, worms, and other parasites can wreak havoc on any system once they are established. Dive into eukaryotic genetic material from the aquatic environment, including markers that indicate a looming parasite infection or test quarantined stock for parasites.

swabGENius provides next-level visibility into lesions and disease that affects fish, shrimps, seaweed, and other aquatic species. The disease mechanism is very complex, and lesions are often caused by more than one pathogen. Identify the exact species causing disease or mortality by swabbing lesions, gills, or guts. 

biofilmGENius gives a jump on biofilm accumulation, growth, and prevention. If left unchecked, biofilm can impact water quality and aid in pathogen accumulation. 

“We are pleased to offer our new range of NextGen metagenomic kits, an indispensable ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in the battle for water quality and disease prevention. NextGen sequencing provides full visibility into any water sample down to genus and species level and takes pathogen detection and water quality management to a new level of efficiency with microbiome analytics,” the company said.

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