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Andfjord Salmon verifies laminar water flow technology

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Andfjord Salmon verified the laminar water flow technology at its first pool at Kvalnes, Andøya following a period of successful testing.

“In practice, this confirms that we have been able to recreate wild salmon’s natural habitat on land. In the wild, salmon swim in laminar water flow in the ocean, similar to what we now have in our pool at Andøya. I have never been more certain that we will meet our ambition of building the world's most sustainable aquaculture facility of its kind,” said Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon.

During the past couple of weeks, Andfjord Salmon has gradually increased the intensity of its flow-through technology tests. The tests have included utilization of the complete water inlet and outlet infrastructure, filling of the pool, activation of power adapters, a gradual increase of the laminar water flow and measurements of the water flow, plus analyses of how the pool infrastructure reacts to the laminar water flow.

The laminar water flow is the heart of Andfjord Salmon's flow-through technology. It is this technology that enables the creation of a natural environment in which the salmon can thrive. It also allows the company to produce fish at an energy cost of only 1 kWh per kilo.

A flow-through system with laminar water flow reduces energy consumption and associated costs significantly as there is no need to lift, filter or heat the seawater. Simply because the seawater is clean and holds a perfect temperature as it is sourced directly from the nearby Andfjorden.

“This is a major technological milestone for Andfjord Salmon and a nice Christmas present to our shareholders, utilizing our own technology. We were always confident in the technological capabilities, but humble to the fact demonstrating it in practice is what matters. As such, the successful verification of the laminar water flow helps to de-risk our business case substantially,” said Rasmussen.

The testing and fine-tuning of the laminar water flow technology, and other pool functions, will continue over the coming months.

Andfjord is building pools below sea level reducing energy consumption.

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