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Aquaculture facilities and equipment

Aquaculture Facilities and Equipment is a practical resource on the technical aspects needed for experts in the field to understand a high-performance aquaculture facility, its design and form, and the materials and systems used within the facility. The book is written at a level suitable for both field experts and students alike. It includes topics such as pond construction machinery, pumps for aquaculture, aeration for aquaculture, fish feeders, filtration systems in aquaculture, hatchery, raceways and tanks, and cage and pen culture.

This book is based on 30 years of research that is presented as a useful reference to enhance efficient aquaculture production. It will be very helpful for experts working in related fields of aquaculture development and for those teaching aquaculture science and engineering courses.

Key features included are:

  • Numerical equations for solving practical problems within an aquacultural facility.
  • Combined knowledge of aquaculture science that is supported by relevant engineering inputs that boost production.
  • Information on different types of traditional breeding, including hapa breeding, glass jar incubators, bundh breeding, induced carp breeding, hypophysation, and GnRH-based inducing agents.

Check out the book here.

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