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SPF L. vannamei Broodstock report

A new report, “SPF L. vannamei Broodstock”, part of the Shrimp Insights report series by Willem van del Pijl, focuses on trends in the production, trade, use and market of specific pathogen-free (SPF) L. vannamei broodstock.

According to the report, in 2019, the size of the global market for specific pathogen-free (SPF) L. vannamei broodstock was estimated to be between 1.4 and 1.7 million broodstock. With an average value of $55 per animal traded in 2019, this equals a value of $77m to $95m.

The market for SPF L. vannamei broodstock is concentrated in Asia, especially in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Smaller markets are Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. South and Central American shrimp producers, including Ecuador, generally do not use SPF L. vannamei broodstock due to local production systems not always being biosecure. However, others, like Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala, might be potential markets for SPF L. vannamei broodstock in the future.

The report provides insights of broodstock producers, demand expectations and shrimp hatchery trends. There is an increased focus among broodstock suppliers on disease tolerance. Many companies offer two lines to their clients, one focusing on growth, and another focusing on disease tolerance. Companies also increasingly offer other specialized lines such as broodstock that perform well in higher or lower densities, or that perform well in higher and lower salinity levels.

The reports also assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic stating that it has had a severe impact on shrimp production and on shrimp broodstock logistics. However, once lockdowns were lifted, the demand for broodstock in most Asian countries seems to have recovered quickly.

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