Troutlodge partners with Trova Trout

The partnership aims to bolster trout availability throughout the year without compromising quality.

Credits: Troutlodge
June 5, 2024

Troutlodge and Trova Trout signed a partnership to meet the growing demand for high-quality trout for farmers all over the world.

Troutlodge boasts four natural spawning groups, including November and February steelheads, Jumper in spring, and Kamloops in the summer. Recognizing the heightened demand for steelhead strain ova between May and September, Troutlodge initiated a collaboration with Trova Trout to bolster availability without compromising quality. With Trova Trout's established reputation for reliability and exceptional biosecurity measures in the Southern Hemisphere, they are the ideal partner to enhance the availability of steelhead strain ova.

Trova Trout has dedicated one of its sites and hatchery space exclusively to Troutlodge genetics. Additionally, they acquired two additional egg-quality sorting machines, and this year they increased the hatchery capacity and cooling systems, further enhancing operational efficiency and product quality. To supply their location, Troutlodge selects the best male and female candidates for shipment. These fish are called “Multipliers” and their purpose are to produce ova with the highest genetic potential for customers. In addition to the site exclusively dedicated to Troutlodge, Trova Trout operates four other sites for the production of commercial fish and ova of various origins.

“The collaboration between Troutlodge and Trova Trout is just one of the ways we are focused on securing the supply of high-quality genetics for our customers all over the world,” Troutlodge said.