Thailand artificially breeds short mackerel for the first time

This was the first time in the world that short mackerel spawned in captivity.

November 8, 2022

The Thai Department of Fisheries has succeeded in artificially breeding short mackerel, locally known as “Pla Tu”, revealed Chalermchai Suwannarak, director-general of the Department of Fisheries.

The milestone has been achieved after years of studying the spawning season, feed requirements and environmental needs of the species. Breeding short mackerel is difficult since the fish is fragile and dies easily.

Hormone-induced spawning was used with a high survival rate. The fry are currently being raised in tanks at Phetchaburi Coastal Aquaculture Research and Development Centre in Phetchaburi Province.

Chalermchai said that this was the first time that short mackerel spawned in captivity. The fish will be released into the sea as part of a plan to prevent depletion through overfishing.