Nanobubble technology startup raises $2.2 million

The Chilean company plans to expand its technology to shrimp farms after being successfully applied in salmon farms.

Credits: ChucaoTech
February 23, 2024

Chilean startup, ChucaoTech, which offers products and services based on its patented nanobubble technology, announced a capital increase of USD 2.2 million after the incorporation of Blue Revolution Fund (BRF) as a partner. BRF is an impact fund managed by Hatch Blue, which seeks to catalyze the sustainable food transition through aquaculture.

“We are very excited to partner with Hatch Blue, with whom we share a vision regarding the importance of aquaculture and water in the restoration and care of the environment,” said José Pablo Puga, co-founder and general manager at ChucaoTech.

ChucaoTech has advanced strongly in the past four years, promoting a change in the paradigm of oxygen injection with its nanobubble technology since 2020, when it became the first company worldwide to offer the remediation service for seabed using this technology. Since then, it has developed and improved its patented technology, which has the lowest energy consumption in the industry.

“Nanobubble technology has been trying to penetrate the aquaculture industry for more than a decade with few results due to high investment and operation costs. Our technology breaks that paradigm, and has allowed us to launch a true revolution in oxygen injection that, in a few years, has reached more than half of the local industry,” said Paulo Jorquera, co-founder and commercial manager for salmon.

ChucaoTech was the first to introduce the technology in fish farms in the country in alliance with ScaleAQ, as well as the first commercial-scale equipment dedicated to oxygen injection in Caligus baths.

The incorporation of Hatch Blue into the company and the capital increase point to even more. “Hatch Blue recognized in ChucaoTech a significant scaling potential, with the benefit of having a proven technology and product, significant traction and, why not to say it in these times of risk aversion, positive operational results,” said Tomás Bravo, co-founder and administration and finance manager.

With the capital increase, ChucaoTech will invest in its oxygen injection lines in cages and fish baths and will reinforce its local and international commercial team with the incorporation of two new professionals. Hugo Vázquez joined as commercial manager for the shrimp segment and will operate from Mexico City with a special focus on Ecuador and Mexico.

Journalist Paula Carvajal joined the team in Chile and brings extensive experience in brand development and strategic communication in the aquaculture area, which will position ChucaoTech in the global markets.