Azerbaijan farm becomes world’s first BAP-certified sturgeon farm

It is the first sturgeon breeding farm with a focus on caviar production to receive BAP certification.

Credits: Global Seafood Alliance
September 25, 2023

Azerbaijan Fish Farm LLC has achieved Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), the Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) announced. It is the first sturgeon breeding farm with a focus on caviar production to receive BAP certification.

The certification not only recognizes AFF’s commitment to sustainability but also solidifies its position as the world’s first sturgeon farm to be awarded the BAP certification. Since its establishment in 2017, AFF has been at the forefront of innovative and responsible fish breeding and caviar production in Azerbaijan.

In 1954, one of the first in the world experimental aquaculture farms was established in the Neftchala district, pioneering sturgeon fish breeding in the region. In 2017, the farm was privatized by AFF. AFF’s approach to sustainable aquaculture seamlessly combines traditional and modern breeding techniques, exemplified by its utilization of the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), cage culture model, and advanced seaside tanks, ensuring optimal water quality and nutrition during incubation and early fish life stages and creating a stress-free growing environment.

AFF’s distinctive capability lies in its utilization of both freshwater from the Kura River and saltwater from the Caspian Sea. This unique combination mimics the natural habitat of sturgeons and is pivotal in ensuring the caviar’s premium quality.

AFF is also distinguished by its commitment to eco-friendly practices and conservation efforts. The company organizes fish release events, releasing ten sturgeons for every jar of caviar sold, contributing to the preservation of the highly endangered sturgeon populations endemic to the Caspian Sea. This exemplifies AFF’s dedication to the ecosystem and sustains its brand promise.

Currently, Azerbaijan Fish Farm LLC exports its premium caviar to markets including the USA, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more. With the BAP certification as a testament to its sustainability efforts, AFF reaffirms its commitment to responsible caviar production, setting an industry precedent and bolstering Azerbaijan’s prominence on the global aquaculture stage.