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A Guide to the Sea Urchin Reproductive Cycle and Staging Sea Urchin Gonad Samples

This guide, produced by Nofima, Norway,  includes a description of the reproductive cycle of sea urchins; the factors that cause variations in the size and quality of the gonad; methods for sampling sea urchin gonads; and a guide to reading the histology slides of sea urchin gonads in order to be able to classify them into the different stages of the reproductive cycle. In order to further assist with this process

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An Overview of Marine Ornamental Fish Breeding as a Potential Support to the Aquarium Trade and to the Conservation of Natural Fish Populations

This article presents an overview of the ornamental fish trade regarding the most important species involved and their situation and the harvesting effects on the ecosystem. In addition it discusses updated information on breeding protocols for some high-value marine fish species.

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Applications of modern genetics and genomic technologies to enhance aquaculture breeding

Researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Nofima and Benchmark Genetics are the guest editors of a collection of articles on the application of genetics to aquaculture.

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Aquaculture genomics, genetics and breeding in the United States: current status, challenges, and priorities for future research

This paper provides a general review of the current status, challenges and future research needs of aquaculture genomics, genetics, and breeding, with a focus on major aquaculture species in the United States: catfish, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, tilapia, striped bass, oysters, and shrimp.Abdelrahman, H., ElHady, M., Alcivar-Warren, A. et al. Aquaculture genomics, genetics and breeding in the United States: current status, challenges, and priorities for future research. BMC Genomics 18, 191 (2017).  

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Better management practices for African catfish spawning and fingerling production in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The objective of this CGIAR document is to provide information on best management practices to prevent certain common mistakes during commercial production.

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Better management practices for monosex tilapia seed production: An illustrated guide

This booklet explains the better management practices for producing high-quality genetically improved farmed tilapia (GIFT) monosex seed.

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Better management practices for tilapia broodstock conditioning and mass spawning in hapas in ponds

These guidelines were developed to optimize the conditioning and spawning of fish for improved fry production.

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CCGP is aiming to develop genome sequences, maps and genetic tools for comprehensive understanding of common carp genome, boosting genome-assistant breeding and selection on domesticated common carp worldwide.

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Cryopreserved mussel larvae can survive and develop into adult mussels

A long-term study has shown that adult mussels can grow from cryopreserved larvae without compromising the quality of the next generation’s offspring.

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Developmental stages of the ballan wrasse from first feeding through metamorphosis

Norwegian researchers have described six developmental stages for the ballan wrasse, from the first feeding until the juvenile stage.

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Ensembl is a genome browser for vertebrate genomes that supports research in comparative genomics, evolution, sequence variation and transcriptional regulation. Ensembl annotate genes, computes multiple alignments, predicts regulatory function and collects disease data. Ensembl tools include BLAST, BLAT, BioMart and the Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) for all supported species.

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Genetic code findings could aid oyster success

To help improve food security and sustainability, insights into the DNA of European flat oysters from a series of studies could inform selective breeding approaches for the scarce shellfish.

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Genetic resources for farmed seaweeds

A new FAO report provides data and information on farmed red, brown and green seaweeds.

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Genome-based biotechnologies in aquaculture

FAO study summarizes developments in the field of genome-based biotechnologies as applied to aquaculture.

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Glossary of Genetic Terms

A glossary of genetic terms from Diagnostic Cytogenetics Inc. (DCI), a cytogenetics laboratory.

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Guidelines for broodstock management, propagation and culture of semah and empurau

ENACAThis ENACA guide focuses on improving management practices for captive breeding and culture of semah and empurau (Tor tambroides and T. douronensis). The guide encompass broodstock management, artificial propagation and related husbandry activities.

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Incorporating genetic diversity of farmed aquatic species and their wild relatives

This FAO study reviews the issues around the availability and use of information on the genetic diversity of aquatic species.

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Manual for intensive hatchery production of Abalone

This manual is a practical guide to commercial scale seed production of blacklip abalone (Haliotis rubra) in NSW, Australia with specialized instruction on topics rearing and inducing spawning. The techniques described are geared to efficient and intensive production of abalone spat using small areas of land. 

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National Aquaculture Genome Projects

The National Aquaculture Genome Project is a part of the U.S. National Animal Genome Research Project. This site is designed to enhance collaboration, cooperation, communication, and coordination among aquaculture genome research community members. 

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Repository of methodologies for the cryogenic preservation of marine organisms

The publication provides a standardized methodology for cryopreservation including obtaining gametes and quality control before and after cryopreservation.

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