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Benchmark Genetics is offering six new positions to join its global genetics department and strengthen its strategic areas in Norway, Iceland, and the UK.

October 4, 2022

Focused on aquaculture genetics and breeding programs for salmon, shrimp and tilapia, Benchmark Genetics is increasing its existing team of geneticists and technical experts to work on both in-house and external breeding R&D projects. The company, which operates in six countries, has vacancies in Norway, Iceland, and the UK.

The vacant positions are head of breeding programs salmon, applied aquaculture geneticist, molecular geneticist, two gene editing scientists, and sterility scientist.

Leadership position for the Atlantic salmon program

Since a fundamental part of Benchmark Genetics’ in-house selective breeding expertise relates to Atlantic salmon, the company will improve this area by hiring a new head of salmon breeding programs for its headquarters in Bergen, Norway.

“Benchmark holds a leading position and continues to expand in the global salmon egg market. The new senior role offers a unique opening for a motivated candidate to coordinate our three programs: SalmoBreed, StofnFiskur and SagaChile. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration across the company to ensure optimum dissemination of high-quality salmon eggs to the global markets,” said Morten Rye, director of the genetics of Benchmark Genetics.

R&D positions for gene editing and sterility projects

Meant to strengthen its R&D programs, the company is offering two positions for Edinburgh and Iceland to expand its reproductive biotechnology program that links gene editing research with reproductive biology and sterility.

“We see gene editing technology as having the potential to develop new products which can have breakthrough impacts to improve sustainable aquaculture production, reduce environmental impact, and improve animal health. In the coming years, we aim to develop disease-resistant and sterile salmon, including via pertinent applications of emerging technologies such as gene editing. Benchmark is currently involved in collaborative R&D in gene editing, for example, to develop resistance to sea lice in Atlantic salmon. Part of the purpose of these positions is to bring outputs from such projects to market. We will also translate these technologies and methods to shrimp, tilapia, and potentially other species,” said Ross Houston, director of innovation of Benchmark Genetics.

External genetics services role with a strategic focus

To improve external breeding programs, the company seeks a candidate to provide consultancy services, including the development and supervision of optimized broodstock management and selective breeding programs.

“A crucial part of the role is to build strong relationships with clients and provide leading services that reflect each client’s priorities and available resources. This is vital for sustainable aquaculture production and development in many regions of the world,” explained Rye.

Strengthening Benchmark’s genomics capability

The company is looking for a candidate to join Benchmark’s new molecular genetics program, focused on developing optimized genotyping and genomics solutions for internal breeding programs, and external genetic services. The position will be located in Edinburgh, UK and include laboratory work and computational analyses.

“The successful candidate will contribute to implementing cost-effective genotyping solutions for genomic selection, parentage assignment, and assessment of genetic diversity. These are important contributions to our R&D projects and to expand genetic services offering to the aquaculture industry,” concluded Houston.

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January 31, 2023

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