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Japan to approve first genome-edited fish in the country

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Japan is weighing the approval of genome-edited red sea bream with up to 50% more edible flesh, local news reported. If approved, it will be the first genome-edited fish sold for consumption in Japan. 

Kyoto University and Kindai University are among the entities that jointly genome-edited red sea bream using genome-editing technology which incapacitates specific genes. Myostatin, a gene that restricts muscle growth, was incapacitated, enabling the fish to grow more muscle mass.

A Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry expert subcommittee and other bodies will confirm, among other items, that new genes have not been inserted into the fish and whether the modified fish produces new allergens. The ministry will approve the sale of the fish if no problems are detected.

Check out the study on the edited red sea bream genome here


Photo source: Kindai University.

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