Feeding Protocols

Best practice protocol for aquaculture production of juvenile Arctic charr


Feed quality

Feeds used for charr farming is generally similar to salmon feed, and in many cases identical. The requirement for macronutrients is the same as other salmonids. Generally it is changing as the fish grow, with protein demand reduced as fish weight increase. This enables us to save proteins by including more fat in diets to larger fish. Recommended diets for juvenile arctic charr are given in table 2... 

Feeding practice

The gastrointestinal system in charr is relatively short, with limited storage capacity in the stomach. It is therefore recommended to feed the fish on a daily basis. Charr is able to feed from the bottom of the tank, and also feed during darkness. However, best growth rate is obtained under long daylength, but this is probably more closely connected to season...  



Bjorn Steinar Saether, NIFA (Norway)




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