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Japanese partnership to improve breeding technology in bluefin tuna

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Maruha Nichiro partnered with Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency to develop basic and applied technologies for improving the breeding of fully-cultured bluefin tuna. 

The agreement promotes cooperation between both parties by utilizing mutual R&D capabilities, facilities and human resources to strengthen the sustainable development of bluefin tuna aquaculture using artificial seedlings. The partnership aims to develop breeding technology for bluefin tuna and create progeny lines from the first generation of mating and develop technology for their practical use.

Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency is currently conducting basic development research on fully-cultured bluefin tuna using the only land-based tank for bluefin tuna broodstock in Japan and a vast outdoor breeding facility. In particular, it is developing egg collection technology by controlling the artificial environment and the elucidation of whole genome information.

Meanwhile, Maruha Nichiro was the first private company to succeed in producing fully-cultured bluefin tuna in 2010 and began full-scale commercial shipments in 2015. In addition, to improve the productivity of bluefin tuna, together with yellowtail and amberjack, the company established Maruha Nichiro Aquaculture Technology Development Center Co., Ltd. in 2020, and is working to raise farmed fish and improve seedling production technology.


Photo caption: The only land-based tank for bluefin tuna broodstock in Japan.

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